Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Year of the Series (2014 Goals)

The Midnight Bookworm 2014 Blog Goals

So, I haven't posted in a few months... and that's one of my big goals for this year (to stop that, not continue it). I also want to read a lot more. I believe my total for 2013 was around 25, assuming that my Goodreads is accurate, which it usually is. In 2012, I read 65 books. Last year I obviously wanted to beat that number. This year I just want it to not be a pitiful 25 again! I've set a manageable goal of 50 books for this year. I hope to read far more than that.  My major goals for the year are:

- Finish redesigning/restructuring the blog. Since I started this project last summer I think I should finish it sometime soon.

- Finish reading the series on my shelves. This is a big one this year. I started so many series in previous years that I have not finished and I want to fix that. I plan on re-reading the books in the beginning of each series to get caught back up and remember what the series is about. I thought this might be a feasible thing to actually accomplish this year (and still read other books), however I just made an Excel spreadsheet (because I'm obsessed with spreadsheets) to track the books I'd need to read in order to just complete the series that I've already read at least one book in. The grand total would be 104 books if I re-read the books in the series I had already read. O.O Let's be series on that one, not going to happen to the point where I can cross them all off my list. I'm still going to want to read stand alones and new books that release this year. I think a more reachable goal would be to set myself up to complete 7 series this year (some of the series I have on my list are 7-12 books each).

- Keep up with 2-3 challenges including the one I set for myself to read the series on my shelf. I also want to keep up with the YA Contemporary challenge because I don't read enough contemporary novels throughout the year. I'm also going to challenge myself to catch up on my NetGalley reads/reviews (I'm sure there's an official challenge out there somewhere for this, I just haven't found it yet). Generally I'm really good at saying "Yea I'll participate in that challenge" and then reading like one book that qualifies for it. In order to meet the challenges of catching up on my series and NetGalley reads, I'm going to have to limit my book buying this year. Except for the essentials (and books that arrive that I have no control over) I need to stop buying books this year (hahaha I know, I know.. Never going to actually happen).

- Post at least 2-3 times per week

- Get more involved around the blog/social media universe. I started using BlogLovin' a while back, I just have to get into the habit of checking it daily & actually clicking into people's posts and commenting on them. I want to get involved in a couple of the weekly memes floating around so that I get into the habit of posting on a regular basis. If you know any fun ones let me know about them.

- Post a review for all the books/series I read this year. I didn't post reviews for a lot of the books I read last year and I definitely should have. I'm going to set up a new feature called Series Review where I review the entire series (provided the entire thing is out and I've read it all) in one post, doing mini reviews for each installment of the series. I'm also going to do a DNF feature of books I don't finish (not that it happens often) and why I didn't finish them, that way they're still featured somewhere on the blog.

I'm going to BEA again this summer so I need to have a good chunk of my TBR pile gone through by then so I'm not just adding a million more to my already too long list of things I want to read.


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