Friday, February 7, 2014

New Feature: Series Review

"Series Review" is a new feature I'm starting to review series as a whole rather than as individual books. This will allow me to read a whole series before I decide on what to rate it. I hate reading series and getting so excited only to be disappointed with the last installment. I will rate each book within the series as well as an overall "series rating" and review each book in the series with a little blurb review. This way I won't get spoiler-y with my reviews either, which I sometimes think my longer reviews start to do.

I hope to start this feature within the next couple of weeks, I just have to kick out a few kinks and remember the last series I read in order to write those little reviews. This feature will hopefully make me take notes about the books I'm reading as well, so that I'll remember what I want to say about each installment when it comes time to review the series.

For series that I am reading that are incomplete, I may do a series review from the beginning until the currently released book, then do individual reviews for the rest. Or I'll just split the series and put a few books into one series review and the rest into a "part 2" after I read the rest. (These are some of the kinks I need to work out with the system). I'll try to keep all of the reviews short and to the point while still providing enough input for other readers to make their own informed decision about the books. I'll still provide links to Goodreads descriptions and Barnes & Noble and Amazon buying links.

Anyway, stay tuned for this new feature, I'm going to try to make it a monthly event (provided I read fast enough to do that in the future, right now I have a couple series that I have already read that will be enough to get me started anyway).

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