About the Author

I'm Jessica. I'm 22, I blow out candles on Christmas in July. I love to read, and write, so I figured I should love blogging too.  I have Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari, Random Buzzers, Facebook, Klout, Instagram, and LibraryThing accounts (and probably more that I'm forgetting would be relevant here), if you want to connect with me on any of these sites you can find most of the links on the sidebar under the “Follow Me” section, if that section is missing anything, find me on a different one and let me know (or comment on a random post on the blog, or email me via the Contact Me area of the blog).

My blogging experience is fairly minimal, this blog is still young. I took most of the last year off because I graduated college and had to focus on getting a job. Now that I have a position in my preferred field of work, I'm going to get back into reading and writing. I have no expectations of gaining a following (but I do love each and every one of the people who do follow this blog), after all there are tons of book blogs out there. I know that mine is just another one in the crowd.  So anyway, I'm hoping people will enjoy reading my reviews of books and such, but this is essentially just so I can keep track of what books I have read, and what I thought of them.  I use Shelfari and Goodreads to help with that too, but I don't tend to post reviews on those sites, so this is my way of putting my review online.

I am an only child, with no pets.  I don’t like to think of myself as spoiled, but I know I am since I’m an only child.  I never really grasped the concept of sharing, and I like to be the center of attention (even when I’m not trying to be, it’s really bad). I have pretty bad OCD most of the time, I get it from my mom, but it’s weird because only little stupid things bother me.  Like, my room is a disaster all the time, but if my books get out of the order they’re in on my shelf it’s a big problem. My mom cleaned my room once and moved every book on the shelf into weird piles on the floor so she could dust; I freaked out a little and then spent the next few hours re-alphabetizing them. I was a Girl Scout for 13 years, and I’m now a lifetime member. 

I am finally a college graduate. It's been almost a year already but it seems like much less time has passed. I started as a web design major, but changed to banking and finance after one semester of programming classes that didn’t help with web designing.  I now have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a minor in Mathematics, a minor in Financial Planning, and a certificate in Web Design. I am going to be sitting for my CFP license in November of this year, hopefully I'll pass it in the first sitting.