Review Policies


Like many avid readers, I accept recommendations for any type of book. I will at least consider every request that comes to me.

What I Like

I only review Young Adult and New Adult literature. (All book requests are considered, however these genres are more likely to be accepted). I will only accept those titles that I think I'll really read.

Genres I enjoy include:
  • Dystopia
  • Contemporary
  • Paranormal
  • Mythology
  • Anything with Fairies or Mermaids
  • Romance
  • Chick Lit
  • Fairy tale retellings
  • Issues (teen pregnancy, depression, etc)
Genres I’m less likely to accept:
  • Extreme fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Non Fiction (with YA tie-ins)
  • Mysteries

What I Don't Like

I am not accepting adult or middle grade novels at this time.

Genres I will not review:
  • Religious titles
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Non-Fiction


  • I am now able to accept ePub or PDF files compatible with the Barnes & Noble Nook
  • I will accept physical books (paperback, hardcover, galleys, ARCs or finished formats)
  • I generally prefer eBook copies of titles when available due to the convenience

Time Frames

  • I cannot currently promise a review by date
  • Generally I try to complete a book within 2 weeks after starting it
  • Novels I request will take precedence to all other titles


  • Acceptance of a novel for review does not guarantee that the novel will be read or a review posted
  • I reserve the right to decline a book request with no explanation
  • I do not guarantee a response to any email regarding a review request
  • I do not post negative reviews, if I disliked a book (or did not finish) it will be featured in a “Not For Me” post after I have collected a few titles to feature
  • What to expect from my reviews (All information pertaining to the book will be taken from Goodreads, Amazon or the book's jacket):
    • Cover art image
    • Title, Author, ISBN, Publisher, # of pages, and Description
    • Where I received the book
    • My thoughts
    • My rating
  • I use the general 5 star rating system, for now.
    • 5 Stars: I loved it
    • 4 Stars: I really liked it
    • 3 Stars: It was pretty good
    • 2 Stars: It was okay
    • 1 Star: Not a book for me
    • (2 & 1 star reviews are generally unused because of the “Not For Me” Feature)

Book Tours

I will gladly participate in your book’s tour events! (I will participate in certain book tour events without reading the title, this is taken on a case by case basis though). Please visit my contact page to email me.


I host very few giveaways here, I am more inclined to link to a giveaway hosted by another site (via Rafflecopter or a Google form). However, this is also taken on a case by case basis so feel free to email me about it.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are always welcome on The Midnight Bookworm (provided that a topic is discussed via email prior to its posting)


I am not currently equipped to host author interviews, however I hope to add this feature by the end of the year (check back here for updates though as it will probably be sooner).


The Midnight Bookworm receives between 1600-2000 page views per month
The Midnight Bookworm currently has approximately 970 followers across Twitter, Google Friend Connector, Facebook, Networked Blogs, RSS subscribers and Goodreads. (for individual breakdown feel free to email me)

I have not, nor will I ever, receive monetary compensation for the reviews I post. However, I do receive books from publishers and/or authors for no charge.