Monday, July 25, 2011

Mellow Monday (1)

I like title alliterations, if you couldn't already tell... Monday is my day off, but I'm bored right now so I figured I'd post anyway =).

I am officially no longer a teenager. Today (Christmas in July), I turned 20.. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. The one good thing that will come from the day is that I am going to the Borders Express sale later today with my dad to spend my birthday money =) (all the regular Borders around me closed with the first round of cuts).  The bad thing for the day is that I have to write a paper, then go to class until 10pm, which means I won't see my mom for the whole day because I leave for school about 20 minutes before she gets home from work, so that stinks, and since it's Monday they'll end up starting Grey's Anatomy without me, so I'll have to catch up tomorrow, along with catching up on Secret Life of the American Teenager (because really, how much more drama can happen on this show it's so funny how terrible it's become), and Switched at Birth (which I thought I was going to hate because it looked bad, but it's actually really good).

I will hopefully be able to read some during my class though because it's just a review day for a test on Wednesday, and handing in the paper that's due.  (It's a marketing class, so there's not much going on that's interesting, unless the whole class gets into a debate about something which has happened).  I am learning that taking so many classes over the summer makes for a terrible summer break.  I should be finishing up some Discussion posts for my last 2.5 hours of an online class, but I'm not sure if I'm going to because I'm very lazy right now, and just want to read Matched & fall asleep.

So anyway, that was enough of my random-ness for the night.

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