Monday, October 10, 2011

New Buying Ban 2011

Well readers, the September buying ban I participated in went pretty well.  With the exception of the books I bought for the National Book Festival (which most were purchased before I started the ban), I only broke my ban to buy The Hunger Games trilogy eBooks for less than $5 from Barnes & Noble, so I don’t think I did too bad.  I started looking at my shelf though (only the one at school that has a small fraction of all the books I own and have not read), and I’m thinking I need to continue this ban for a while because really, it’s looking pretty grim for my “read” pile right now (I'm going to need a chair, or all the furniture in my house, to be like the one in the picture soon to hold all my books, my “to be read” pile is seriously outweighing it and that’s a problem I don’t want to have. :)  So my new ban is more of a restriction.  I’ve seen this done on other blogs, and I think it’s going to work out well for me.  I’m going to make myself read 10 physical books before I can buy a new one (which, with my school schedule might have to drop down to 5 because I'm reading really slow lately), and 5 eBooks before I can add any more of those to my collection.  This is going to be an indefinite ban for me that will hopefully save my bank account for a while and get my to-read pile under control.  I will still be accepting review requests though! :)  So, I'm hoping this ban/restriction or whatever, is going to be an interesting process for me because I usually can't resist books if I'm at the bookstore :) (I guess I'll be avoiding Barnes & Noble for a while).  If you want to join me in my ban/restriction (whatever you prefer to call it) I am making a button for it soon (so I have a visual reminder every time I check the blog), and feel free to let me know in the comments section! I might need other people to help me stay on track!! :)


  1. Ha! That is a good decision. I'm glad I have my husband with me mostly everywhere I go. And I haven't went to a bookstore in a while. I have SO many books I want to buy.

    I have to have this ban too. But also with library books. If I step foot in my library and go to the YA section, I just can't help myself. I'll say one or two books and come out with more than ten!

    Craziness. Good luck with your book buying ban!

  2. Oh library books! I actually need to start going to the library more, and if my town at school had a library I probably would go. All we have is an online request thing through the school where they ship the book from elsewhere in the state & we have to wait then go pick it up so I can't just browse the shelves for books. I go into the bookstore though and say one, maybe two, new releases and I'll be done, and walk out with $50+ in books. :)


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