Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finals Week Break


I haven't quite gotten to this point yet, but by next week, I certainly will be.  Finals week is coming up fast and I have lots to study.  A few papers to write and a presentation to prepare for as well as the tests for my classes.  Why finals have to get harder every year I will never figure out, but I've only got one more finals week to deal with after this year and I'll be done forever.  Anyway, since it's almost finals week and I do have all that studying to do, I'm not going to be able to post any reviews for the next few weeks. I will try my best to get back to posting reviews as soon as finals are over, but it may take a week to finish unpacking everything from two years of living in a house at college. 

I leave you with a fun comic about finals week... hopefully I don't get past day 3 or 4 (I only have 4 days of finals, so I'm not super worried about turning into a zombie yet) ;)

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  1. Oh I love that doodle! It's so cute!

    Sometimes our daily activities are such a bother, they eat up the time you could use to read books and write blog posts. Sometimes I even think of quitting my job so I can cover more reading time... I think I hear Ron Weasley telling me to set out my priorities...haha!

    O well, I'm sure everyone feels this way when exams come, most especially on finals.

    Well, good luck! Surely you'll do well... just don't eat up any of your classmates/professors brains during the exam in case you turn into a zombie. LOL.


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