Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Divergent Nation: I am #TeamAmity

Team Amity

This is my official declaration that I have chosen Team Amity in the Insurgent promotions going on. I just finished reading Divergent (and will feature a review in a few weeks) and I am still not sure what faction I would choose in real life. I would like to have all of the characteristics of each faction, but I know I would definitely not cut is as a Candor or Abnegation. I am too selfish and I lie too much. Dauntless sounds interesting, but I don't know how I'd hold up during their initiation either, it seems rough. Erudite and Amity are a close tie with me as far as which one I'd most likely go with. But for the purposes of the Insurgent promotions I have pledged my allegiance to Amity, The Peaceful.

I took the faction quiz on Facebook (again, because I forgot my results), and ended up with Amity as my result, so I guess I have chosen correctly!

I so can't wait until May for Insurgent! I'm off to pre-order it now so that #DivergentNation can unlock an exclusive scene written from Four's point of view!

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