Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Discussions (7): Blogger Bragging

This is a weekly event hosted by my Big Sis Amber at Down the Rabbit Hole.  This event is to highlight fun things to discuss about blogging, reading, or life.

This week’s discussion topic is:
Blogger Bragging

AHHH ONLY 8 days until Christmas!  I felt like I needed to say that before I could write this post :)

ANYWAY, this week Amber and I are discussing blogger bragging.  I don’t think I’ve seen much bragging by the bloggers I follow lately.  When I first started looking around the blog world I did see some blogs that seemed to me like they were bragging about which books they got (which could have just been me being really jealous of the awesome books).  I totally get that receiving ARCs and any other book is super exciting, and weekly memes like In My Mailbox make it easy to set a time to talk about the books that bloggers get during the week.  Blogger envy is something we can’t avoid when we read other blogs.  Most bloggers have kept it fairly informational when they talk about what books they received, whether it’s in a blog post, or on Twitter.

Design is another whole issue.  I love looking at blog designs, especially since so many blogs out there are adorable!  When bloggers get new designs, it makes sense to want to tell the world, and by all means go for it.  When I get a design that I’m super excited about with a theme and a banner and everything to go with it, I’m going to be talking about it on Twitter.  I haven’t seen many bloggers that come off as “braggy” when they announce a new design that they’re excited about, but I think that type of announcement could easily be made to sound braggy.

What are your thoughts on blogger bragging, does it exist or is it a figment of the imagination?

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