Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick Happy Holidays and Happy New Year message to all my fellow book lovers.  I hope the holiday season is good to all of you, and I hope you all get everything you're wishing for!

I'm going to be off the blog for the next week or so.  I'll be working a little, getting some reading done, hanging out with my mom for a few days, and then I have to figure out everything for next semester (holiday breaks are just not long enough). Anyway, I missed yesterday's Saturday Discussion post, but I've posted a mini one below. Again, happy holidays to everyone!

This is a weekly event hosted by my Big Sis Amber at Down the Rabbit Hole.  This event is to highlight fun things to discuss about blogging, reading, or life.

This week’s discussion topic is:
Gift Giving

This week Amber and I are discussing our feelings on giving and receiving books as gifts.  I have never given a book as a gift, like as a R.A.K. or anything since blogging. I have received books as gifts (from my wonderful big sis Amber! ♥ her!!). I think everyone loves getting gifts, and for book lovers getting books is obviously an amazing thing.  I love watching people's reactions when they open up gifts around the holidays though, so one day when I get a real job and have some money I'm thinking it'll be time for me to give back to some of the awesome bloggers in the world.  Have a great holiday!

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