Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Discussion (5): Book Trailers

This is a weekly event hosted by my Big Sis Amber at Down the Rabbit Hole.  This event is to highlight fun things to discuss about blogging, reading, or life.

This week’s discussion topic is:
Do book trailers help sell books?

I forgot it was Saturday… again (but this week it seems as though I was not the only one). Days of the week are apparently not my thing lately :P.  Anyway, this week Amber and I are talking about whether book trailers really work to help sell books. (edit: Just kidding, I'm talking about this week's topic, Amber is sick this week)

I love book trailers.  I never really knew they existed though until I started blogging and following other bloggers and authors on Twitter.  I have gotten interested in new books because of their trailers, and more excited for other books that I already knew about. 

The first trailer that comes to mind is the book trailer for Crossed (Matched #2), I already knew about Crossed, and was super excited for its release, but after I saw the trailer I was more excited to get my hands on it.  The other trailer I remember is the Shatter Me trailer, which was FANTASTIC. I had already read the book by the time the trailer came out, but I believe it did the book justice and made a lot of others excited for the book’s release.

I think book trailers can definitely make a book/series more enticing, but only if people get the word out about the trailers enough.  Twitter and Facebook are great places to find links and news for new book trailers, but you have to be looking for them (or at least, on my Twitter feed I do because there are so many things going on).

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  1. I really like book trailers too! But some book trailers are sooo cheesy and I'm thinking that it is spoiling a fabulous book with the cheesy trailer.


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