Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: The Girl Who Owned a City: The Graphic Novel by O. T. Nelson, Dan Jolley, Joelle Jones, and Jenn Manley Lee

Today I am reviewing O. T. Nelson’s The Girl Who Owned a City, which has been brought back as a graphic novel.  I received an eARC of this title from NetGalley.

Title: The Girl Who Owned a City

Author: O. T. Nelson (Adapted by Dan Jolley, Illustrated by Joelle Jones, Coloring by Jenn Manley Lee)

Release Date: April 1, 2012

Series: N/A

Pages: 128

ISBN: 9780761349037

Description: A deadly virus killed every adult on Earth, leaving only the kids behind. With her parents gone, Lisa is responsible for her little brother, Todd. She has to make sure they stay alive. Many kids are sick or starving, and fierce gangs are stealing and destroying everything they find. Lots of people have given up, but on Grand Avenue, some kids are surviving. Because of Lisa.

Lisa figured out how to give the kids on Grand Avenue food, homes, and protection against the gangs. But Tom Logan and his army are determined to take that away and rule the streets themselves. How long can Lisa's group keep fighting them off? They need to find a place to live safely. A strong place. A secret place.

In a world like this, someone has to take charge. But does Lisa have the strength to take charge of a whole city?

My thoughts:
The cover:  I love the cover image depicting Lisa leaving behind the burning building.  She seems determined and ready to build her city.  The illustrations throughout the whole book are great, they really bring the story to life.

The story:  This story line is fantastic.  Having a world where only kids survived, and most of them barely surviving, is amazing.  These characters worked together to build and protect a city, all while taking on attacks from gangs of other children that want their supplies.  What if something like this actually happened?  Not that I think a virus would only target people over the age of twelve because I don’t think viruses actually know how old people are, but it makes for a totally different story than any I’ve ever read before.

The characters: Lisa and Tom Logan are the main characters followed in the story.  They are both strong and oppose each other in everything.  Lisa’s citizens are followed throughout the story, some more than others.  Her little brother, Todd, plays a big role, as well as Charlie, Craig, and Jill.  They are Lisa’s main “go-to” people throughout the story, and they help her build her city to what it becomes.  Lisa has disagreements and full on battles that she has to handle, at only twelve that’s a lot of responsibility to take on.  No one else in Lisa’s city seems to want to handle anything, so she continues to be the responsible one.

Overall:  I loved the adaptation of this story into graphic form.  It was great to be able to see what the story looks like instead of just imagining it.  The way the illustrator brought the characters to the page was great.  Since it’s been so long since I’ve read the book, it was awesome to revisit it.  To fully compare the original story  to the graphic novel, I’d have to re-read the original, but as far as I can remember, it is pretty spot on with original story.

Overall Rating: 

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I’m now re-reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (before the movie comes out on Friday), but I don’t plan to review it.  I will, however, be reviewing The Pledge by Kimberly Derting next! 

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