Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Buying Ban: September!

This event is stolen from Katie at Katie's Book Blog
"This is what my room is starting to look like.  I know most of you don't see that as a bad thing, and really, I don't either but as the piles get bigger, the amount of money in my bank account gets smaller.  Not to mention the stress from having so many books to read. 

I have a problem and I am not afraid to admit it.  I see books that I want and I feel like I have to buy them right at that moment, even though I may not get to read them for months.  (I do have books on my shelves that have been there for over a year!)  

For the month of September (and I know this is a little late) I am limiting myself to only buying books for school or at an author signing.  I am hoping that this lets me read some of the books I already own and I am also hoping that it helps me save a little money.  The holidays are coming up and I want to have enough money to get lots of gifts for everyone.  =)

The reason for this post is just to cement my commitment.  I might need a little help keeping my promise and I am hoping you guys will help me out when I start to waver.  Oh and feel free to join me in this book buying ban. I know I am not the only one out there with this problem (maybe I am but I hope not)."

I definitely agree with the lack of money & piles of books.  I have 3 bookshelves (between school and home) two are those little 3 shelf ones & one is a five shelf & they're all full. Beyond full actually, I have to have books stacked on the shelf here at school because I decided to bring more books up to school with me (you know, college gives me so much time to read and stuff).  I have to go on a total shopping ban for a little while to help my accounts recoup from the summer classes I paid for.  Other than grocery shopping, and my trip to DC in a couple weeks for the National Book Festival, I think I'm banning myself from spending any money until winter break.  Or at least... I'm going to try to. :)  I told my roommate to smack me if I mentioned going on a shopping trip too. But I'm going to need the help of my Twitter & Blogger friends to stop me from the EVIL Internet shopping because that's where I get into major trouble with books... as you will see in my first ever IMM vlog (should be up late tonight). 

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