Saturday, August 6, 2011

Status Saturday (2)

Status of Me:

Okay, so I’m super behind on my reading this week, I’m only like halfway through Abandon & I only have a day and a half to read it & get a review up to stay on schedule, I’m not sure if it’ll happen.  The review might be going up Monday.  I’m going out of town tomorrow anyway (three hour road trip & I’m not driving, so plenty of time for reading in the car), so I’ll hopefully catch up as best I can but this week was crazy.  The summer is quickly coming to an end, which means the end of my summer classes.  I have two classes ending this week, which means two final exams and one is for Calculus 2, which is going to be the slow and painful death of me because it’s an online class but the exams are on campus, paper and pencil tests.  Plus, this week I have to pack for school because I leave on Saturday for the next three weeks (that’s the first time we get a long weekend where I can come home).  Anyway, it’s obnoxious having to pack my life up again when I feel like I just got done unpacking from moving home in May.  Thankfully, I don’t live in a dorm room so most of my stuff actually stayed in my room in the house I live in, but the important stuff came home with me, like clothing and books and my TV.  Today, after I finish my Calc homework, my mom is taking me to Barnes & Noble, which is always excited… and bad for the wallet, especially since I’ve been doing research on eReaders and seriously think I want one, just for the convenience of having a gajillion books in one place and it’s like a 4 ounce object.

Status of the Blog:

So two weeks ago I said I was getting into the graphics of the blog, I pretty much failed I think since I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done since then in the way of graphics.  I have these really cute title graphics (that match the “Follow” button the right sidebar) for all the sidebar categories (like followers, about, archive, etc.) but I can’t figure out how to make them work in each of those categories which makes me mad.
I did get to completely reword my review policies though because before there just wasn’t enough.  Now there’s at least a full page and a half Word document in my review policies, they’re super detailed.  I also made contact forms, which are listed under the Contact Me page.  There is now one for review requests and another for random suggestions, comments, etc.  I also still have my email address listed for anyone who doesn’t want to use my forms (which is okay with me)!  

What is to Come:

Tomorrow on the blog will hopefully be my review of Abandon by Meg Cabot.  Abandon is the first in the Abandon trilogy so there’s no chance of spoilers from the series.  I will certainly try not to spoil anything from this book in my review either, though.  I got my very first eBook from an author last week for review (I was super excited to have an author contact me).  I promised it would be the book I read this coming week, so I have to finish Abandon ASAP so that I can start Catalyst by Marc Johnson.   I also purchased Firelight with Bonus Material as an eBook a few days ago for $1.99 from Barnes & Noble (that link will take you directly to the page where you can purchase it).  It has also been released for that price on the Kindle and Kobo readers.  The bonus material is the first two chapters of the second book in the series Vanish (which seems to be the review on everyone’s blog lately).

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  1. Abandon is SO GOOD! I nominated you for a blog award (just a fun way to get new people to see your blog)- feel free to check it out and pass on the love


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