Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Blogger!

I'm a bad blogger this weekend :( I meant to have Catalyst read by now and have a review up, but it looks like it might not be until Tuesday or Wednesday right now.  I'm going to try to have the book finished tomorrow, but no promises, I still have a lot to read.  I just moved back up to college yesterday, so I've been grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and trying to organize my bedroom so I can function today for the first day of classes (it hasn't been fun).  I still have to go fight with admissions and my school office to get into a class that starts today, but I have long breaks between my classes tomorrow, so I should be able to get some reading done, as long as I don't have math homework on the first day.  So anyway, I'm really sorry I haven't gotten anything up yet, but I promise that by the middle of this week the review will be up, this is one of my top priorities (right under going to classes) because this was a review request from the author.

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